Jeff Chevrier has been a photographer almost all of his life. Beginning at age 14, Chevrier was mesmerized by seeing 35mm B&W images appear literally before his eyes in the darkroom and it was there that a passion for seeing and creating images was ignited.

Through his 20's and early 30's Chevrier was a professional editorial, sports and corporate photographer whose credits include: The Washington Post, The Toronto Star, The Mississauga News, The International Herald Tribune, The LA Times, The New York Times, Canadian Press, REUTERS, AFP and others. Chevrier's book Mississauga City of Excellence won a Gutenberg award and he was the sole photographer for the Toronto Blue Jays' Scorebook magazine from 1992-1997 through both World Series Championships.

Today, Chevrier owns and runs Photocreative inc. Though digital is now the way most images are created, Chevrier has maintained his passion for the simple, B&W image and creates thousands of images annually on multiple film formats and digitally both for stock and for personal projects.

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